Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

Perl Gotcha II

Don't exit an each loop unless you really know what you do.
Consider the following code

1 my %h = ( one => 1, two => 2, three => 3 );
2 sub find_key {
3 my $val = shift;
4 while ( my ($k,$v) = each %h ) {
5 return $k if $v == $val;
6 }
7 }
8 find_key(2) eq 'two' or die "key not found";
9 # and again
10 find_key(2) eq 'two' or die "key not found";

The call to find_key in line 10 fails, because it does not iterate through %h again, but continues where the last each call left off.

This is the documented behavior, but one might not expect it.
perldoc says:

The next call to "each" after that will start iterating again. There is a
single iterator for each hash, shared by all "each", "keys", and "values"
function calls in the program; it can be reset by reading all the elements
from the hash, or by evaluating "keys HASH" or "values HASH".

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