Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009

Perl Gotcha I

I'm trying to write some interesting, sometimes unexpected, things one can experience with Perl in the next time.
They are partly based on a talk I did at the German Perl Workshop 2008, see my talk in german.

How does the regex
gets interpreted?

At first it looks like it matches "foo", then end of line with the $, then a newline with \n and finally "bar".
Let' see:
  my $string = "foo\nbar";
print $string =~/foo$\nbar/m ? 'match':'no match'
Surprisingly the regex does not match like expected.

The regex is interpreted as
  /foo $\ nbar/mx
e.g. it matches "foo", then the content of the special variable $\ (usually undef) and finally "nbar"

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